S5101 Spacebag 2 Large + 1 Free Medium Travel

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Product Code: S5101

  • Airtight – Waterproof – Reusable
  • Triple your storage space
  • Protects against bugs, moths, dirt, mildew and odours.
  • Bulky items stay compressed
  • Patented one-way valve (Vacuum out the air)
  • Durable multi-layer construction (No water, bugs, dirt, odours)
  • Airtight/watertight double Zipper
  • Sure-Zip™ Slider (Easy to seal)
  • Pack your bedding, clothing, gear – any items you want to store and/or protect. Items should be completely dry before packing
  • Seal the zipper easily with the Sure-Zip™ slider. Our patented closure system ensures an airtight seal for ultimate protection.
  • Vacuum out the air using a vacuum cleaner. The patented one-way valve fits an vacuum hose.
  • Travel Bag: Simple roll out the air to compress
  • Store in your garage, under bed, closet, almost anywhere.
  • Contents: 2 x Large & 1 x Medium Travel
  • Size: L  –  x  cm – Holds up to
  • Medium Travel –  x  cm – perfect for backpacks

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