S285360 Leifheit Rotary Dryer LinoPush 500


50-metre line length, opens up in a flash and always the right height: the LinoPush 500 rotary dryer from Leifheit is the most affordable and easy-to-use basic model for drying washing outside in your garden, particularly where space is limited. The washing lines can hold up to 5 loads of laundry. Thanks to the sophisticated opening system, the dryer’s arms are easy and quick to open up – without the lines becoming tangled. The lines are tensioned when opening up the dryer and automatically lock into place. The rotary is height adjustable between 135 cm and 180 cm, allowing every user to find the right working height. A total of 12 hooks for clothes hangers are distributed across the four rotary arms, offering additional space for quick and crease-free drying of blouses, shirts and T-shirts. The steel support arms and a solid central pole ensure the rotary is sturdy – even when fully loaded with laundry. Includes protective cover and ground sleeve for concreting.

  • 50-metre line length that offers space for up to 5 loads of washing.
  • Individual adjustment of the line height from 135 cm to 180 cm for greater convenience
  • 12 clothes hanger holders for crease-free drying of shirts and blouses
  • Very stable thanks to the solid central pole and support arms made of steel
  • Includes protective cover and ground socket
  • 3-year guarantee
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