S203116 Leifheit Cheese Mill


Simply more convenient: The Leifheit cheese grater takes over part of this task, unlike traditional cheese graters where you have to press the cheese against the grater. A clever push-mechanism inside the grater automatically presses the cheese against the grating roller during the grating process allowing you to grate cheese effortlessly. The transparent storage container allows you to see how much cheese is still in the container at a glance. After use, the grater can be completely disassembled into its individual parts and cleaned in the dishwasher so that it stays  clean even after being used repeatedly. Grater and push mechanism consist of durable, rust-proof steel. Leifheit provides a 3 year guarantee.

  • Unique push-mechanism
  • Comfortable, effortless grating
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe
  • 3 year guarantee


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